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Useful things for the baby you can be happy here in buy baby shop, (Affiliate link).

There you will always find a wide range of good prices. The store is organized by category. Delivered and paid for is through Amazon.

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We would be very happy if you find something for your baby through this store.

That would be your list:

  • Baby bath with stopper
  • basin
  • soft, washable changing pad
  • Diaper pail with a lid
  • 2 bath towels (preferably with hood)
  • 6 washcloths
  • soft baby hairbrush
  • Nail Scissors with rounded tips
  • Baby soap or bath additive
  • Bath thermometer
  • Hot water bottle (large)
  • Bepanthen Roche wound and healing ointment (for sore Pos)
  • sweet almond oil (as a bath and massage)

Further information and books on the subject from our partner:
Further information and all prices (affiliate link)

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