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In Australia, parents have been sentenced by a court in Sydney this is because they fed their child strictly vegan. they have failed her little daughter aware of each animal foods the first 18 months. The vegan diet the child had legal consequences.

Improper diet is not an excuse

In bypassing the penalty of a maximum of 5 years imprisonment of 35-year-old father and 33-year-old mother were sentenced to community service in the amount of 300 hours due to malnutrition of their infant. Waiving all animal products the little girl only bread, potatoes, rice, tofu, fruit, oatmeal, peanut butter and rice milk had been given.

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At 18 months the girl had a physical development such as those of a 3 month old infant. It weighed at that time, less than 5 kilograms and had not a single tooth in the mouth. When the child had to be eventually taken to hospital because of cramps, a preventable bone disease was diagnosed. the child was vaccinated by the way either.

Is this just another Animosity against vegan diet?

Christian Vagedes is the chairman of "Vegan Society Germany". He goes out of great ignorance among the Australian parents, because it is known that rice milk is as food for small children just low quality. Who wants to feed his child vegan must ensure that the body still all the essential nutrients are supplied. Breast milk is certainly by far the best nutrition for an infant.

If a replacement needed for it must be ensured that it Vitamin B12 is sufficient. Vagedes find it very sad that such extreme cases as that which occurred in Australia, are again generally abused for defamation of the vegan diet.

Nothing beats breastmilk

The judge Huggett stated in any case that in this present case, the nutrition of the child was absolutely inappropriate. All parents has the responsibility to inflict upon a balanced diet to their children. These wise judges words, you can only connect fully. Everyone likes to feed himself as he wants, but in the nutrition of young children, the total self-determination ends. Vegan diet is definitely not meant for infants.

The "German Society for Nutrition" can announce again and again that a vegan diet is associated with risks, principally in infants, children and adolescents. Moreover, this was exposed during pregnancy and lactation, because during the growth phases a particularly high nutrient density is with regular supply of nutrients needed.

The nutritionist Antje Gahl works at the "German Society for Nutrition" and results from that especially infants have a particularly high nutritional needs. Instead of a vegan diet Breast milk is the first choice, there are also well-optimized products of baby food but.

Dramatic cases is also available in Europe

In 2017 a Belgian parents of the death of his malnourished babies was found guilty. Since it did not work out with breastfeeding, the child was given only a liquid consisting of oats, rice, quinoa and buckwheat. The child was only 7 months old. The court in Dendermonde imposed a prison sentence of six months' probation.

Of course, the neglect of children is a criminal offense in Germany. Poor hygiene and malnutrition would be this typical examples.

In 2004, vegans were sentenced from the North Rhine-Westphalia Bad Driburg to prison on parole because they could be proven in terms of their little son assault resulting in death. Although the malnourished child was already suffering from severe pneumonia, the parents had refused, however, to see a doctor.

Can vegan diet really be fatal?

There are now many reports that children have been suffering from a vegan diet. Already in the 1980s, two doctors reported a total of 25 infants who had acute malnutrition. They lacked mainly of iron, zinc and vitamin B12. The small children were malnourished and growth-retarded.

In addition, they had made the nutrient deficiency susceptible to infection. Three of the children died already on arrival at the hospital and five other children the same within the first few days. It was consisted almost entirely of children whose parents belonged to a sect that prescribed them a vegan diet without supplements.

Whether vegetarian or vegan diet - the pediatrician must be included

Berthold Koletzko part of the "German Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine" on. In his capacity as pediatrician at Children's Hospital of the University Hospital of Munich, he has seen many cases that made quite clear how fatal to poor nutrition in children affects.

About half of those who suffered as a child from vitamin B12 deficiency, carries a life sentence neurological damage it. This vitamin is sufficiently only in animal foods or you may incorporate in the form of a dietary supplement. Anyone who thinks the latter's just chemistry, although almost right, but it helps anyway.

Let's not forget that our body as a whole represents a chemical factory, so we say a biochemical and synthetic vitamin B12 is certainly no worse than that of a foreign liver.

On the Internet, unfortunately, the opinion making is always spread that can provide us B12 enough vitamin some plants, but the reason is not right, because we can not break down properly vegetable vitamin B12. In a vegetarian diet that does not condemn milk and eggs, one might even turn a blind eye on the matter. But also enough iron, zinc and calcium must be necessarily taken on a vegan diet.

If a defect is detected in a blood test must be counteracted with nutritional supplements, even if someone frightened thought that some molecules once flowed through the veins of this means an animal. Looking at the whole of the cycle of life, we take every day anyway a million atoms of other animals in us, no matter what we believe.

You should know all parents

No one wants to require parents in detail how to feed their children, because you can probably assume that most parents make decisions for the good of their children. Simplify and improve this can, however, already with information and advice.

Child neglect is always a case for the family court. This is regulated as in § 1666 of the Civil Code, which states: If threatened "physical, mental or moral welfare of the child or his property and the parents are unwilling or unable to avert the danger, the Family Court has the measures to those which are necessary to avert the danger. "

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