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The estimated date of birth is there, but nothing happens, only the tension grows. Very many women can be unsettling, because suddenly they will soon be asked daily: "Now it is time that the baby comes. You do not worry? What the doctor say? You know, at that time in my pregnancy, the birth was launched on schedule in order not to endanger the child ... etc. etc. "

Questions for the pregnant

These and similar questions and uncertainty are very stressful for a pregnant woman. She gets formally under pressure to perform on command pains to have to produce. This, however, they braced themselves more and letting go is always problematic.

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My advice to all who are just beginning their pregnancy: Consider you well, who tells her the due date. It will save you a lot of excitement when you set the date not as a deadline but as a period of time. (Eg. In mid-January), because very few babies stick to their calculated birthday. Ten days before and ten days after the expected date, the period within which can normally be expected birth.

What can I expect the investigation to the gynecologist?

For the expectant mother, every day is a tough test of patience after the deadline. In order that the baby will be well catered for sure, the expectant mother from the date every two days for a medical examination must. What can expect you there?

  • On labor Schreiber, the doctor checked the baby's heart.
  • Since the amount of amniotic fluid must not fall below a certain level, it measures the doctor using ultrasound.
  • Through the cervix, the doctor can see the color of the amniotic fluid illuminated with a kind of telescope in Amnioskopie. However, this examination is painless only possible for already open cervix. It tries to determine by the color of the amniotic fluid, whether the child will be well cared for. Clear water and visible Vernixflocken (vernix) means that the baby is not transmitted, and still has time. the water is already beginning to turn green, it's time for birth introductory measures. There are many physicians who do not perform this investigation because it has little significance, because only the lower part of the amniotic fluid can be assessed. Due to the tight occurred in the birth canal head of the baby insufficient water circulation can be given, so the upper part have already discolored, while the bottom is still not clear.
  • Your hormone levels can be determined by a blood test. However, no one-time provision is sufficient. In case of repeated values, the trajectory can clearly state whether the placenta the baby is still adequately supplied. Here, however, is a relatively expensive laboratory method.
  • At the hospital, a Oxytozinbelastungstest (OBT) can be performed. Hiebei is placed you an infusion containing a blowing promoting hormone. With this method, the care of the child can also be checked. Often a nasal spray used instead of the infusion, but this means an uncontrolled dosage.

induction of labor

trying to "force" children into the world is the right way for emergencies only an insufficient supply. The baby is a separate being. The start signal for the birth comes from him. Mothers should attract more than a little bit there, but do not push. Stair climbing to exhaustion or hot bath until you drop are radical measures that you just sit down, even under pressure.

Most important in this situation is a distraction. You should not remain lying on the sofa at home and listen in the stomach. Even if you're on the date, you are not sick. You must do everything that is good for you. Exercise in the fresh air or swim, keeps the circulation going. Do you desire to sleep with your partner - do that! It may even be that the birth thus begins, because there are sperm in the same prostaglandins, the Vedas also used to induce labor. The hormone makes the cervix softer, but this effect only when the cervix is ​​ripe birth.

As much as most mothers also yearn for their baby, it may be that you are not ready internally to let go of your child. Speak with your baby, telling him that his time is now.

You can also try to entice your baby with gentle means:

  • Drinking raspberry leaf tea! From the age of 34 SSW many midwives to regular consumption of about three to four cups guess. The operation has not yet been scientifically proven, but there are many midwives who swear by it.
  • As a homeopathic Obstetrics Pulsatilla applies. It helps if your complaints have a psychological nature.
  • The homeopathic medicine Caulophyllum helps an immature cervix at term results in which the cervix is ​​still almost obtained in false labor, ie when the contractions are too weak and ineffective and amniotic fluid without labor.

but are clear signs such as anxiety, bad premonitions, restlessness, constant unsuccessful labor or alarming test results to determine what it is the birth must be initiated.

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