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All pregnancy tests measure the amount of human Choringonadotropins, which is also called the pregnancy hormone HCG. Here you find out what kind of a hormone and as the standard values ​​in each pregnancy weeks.
HCG (Humanes Choriongonadotropin)

The human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviation: hCG), also known as pregnancy hormone is a hormone which is produced during pregnancy in the human placenta and is responsible for the maintenance of pregnancy. It passes through the kidneys into the bloodstream and signals the ovaries and the pituitary gland that the woman is pregnant. This no ovulation occurs more, the endometrium is maintained and there is a no menstruation. All the usual pregnancy tests detect this hormone.

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HCG concentration

The hormone can be detected eight to twelve days after the last ovulation in the blood and urine. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the hCG concentration in the blood rises steadily, about every two days, the hormone levels double. The maximum is reached somewhere between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy. After that, the hCG levels fall slowly, but are still detectable.

HCG but is also produced by some tumors of the gonads or the placenta. For this reason, the detection of significant amounts of this hormone in men or a non-pregnant woman is an indication of such a tumor so that HCG is used as a tumor marker.

In addition, an increased hCG concentration be an indication of a multiple pregnancy, a molar pregnancy or on fetal trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).

normal range
<5 mU / ml not pregnant
9-130 mU / ml 3. SSW
75-2600 mU / ml 4. SSW
850-20800 mU / ml 5. SSW
4000-100200 mU / ml 6. SSW
11,500 to 289,000 mU / ml 7th to 12th week of pregnancy
18,300 to 137,000 mU / ml 13th - 16th week
From 14,000 to 53,000 mU / ml 2nd trimester
940-60000 mU / ml 3. trimester

Source: Labor Dr. Zuchhold

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