Sonntag, Juli 12, 2020
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Begin Family Sewing is back in fashion

Sewing is back in fashion

Yourself as a lifestyle

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make clothing itself is quite modern again. In Germany alone there are estimated to nearly three million people who repeatedly engage in their leisure time per week with sewing, crocheting or knitting.

The statistics further shows that at 6.7 million pursue several times a month such activities, and the trend continues to rise. Especially during the last three years sewing has climbed a peak in popularity, which means that even knitting was lapped. Leader in comfortable work with the substances are the Northern Lights of Hamburg.

Sewing has developed into an unbeatable Hobby

Making your own is now become for many people a real lifestyle. Under handmade quality work and no longer great maternal killing time is understood today. That goods homemade is often significantly less expensive than goods purchased, plays a minor role.

Who draws up something with love and great skill itself, produces something very individual in high quality and has a very personal connection to his product. Therefore, in this context of "self-made luxury" is mentioned.

For example, the program "Cleverly threaded" with Guido Kretschmer together with countless DIY books have promoted the do-it-yourself boom prevail. Even the Frankfurt Future Institute has studied the phenomenon and, in this context found the following five reasons why Homemade became a status symbol:

  1. Handmade clearly stands out "global uniformity" from which industrial goods. It expresses in a way, the "artist" from which in all of us, and satisfies a deep need to create with their own hands unique.
  2. Another need that can be operated by hand in its infancy, is the search for deceleration in increasingly hectic times.
  3. Quality over quantity is mindfulness in the luggage should read: With homemade fashion is available guaranteed attention.
  4. "Self-made luxury" offers the value of the valuable. From its own decision on the quality of its home-made things, the extent of the necessary investment, which is often even higher than the purchase of a bulk product yields.
  5. Creative minds are sought. With homemade dressing to show at any time and any place, what you can, and provides a direct recognition and prestige.

be creative with children

It was once quite normal and harmless: There were purchased clothes that did not fit properly. Maybe it was just the fancy pants that was a bit too long, but the small change proved to be a spark to one's own clothes. Because there are so many beautiful fabrics and motifs, but unfortunately rarely offered by the trade. Anyone with a little imagination and perhaps a bit of ambition, the itch almost in the fingers, especially the children's garments to make loving yourself.

Therefore, the children are in fact responsible for ensuring that this hobby has blossomed in recent years that way. Besides the fact that children grow quickly and constantly need new clothes, are there still Mardi Gras, Halloween, Ballet, school and recreational performances, which sometimes can be no other option but to implement their own designs of certain costumes themselves.

On the one hand there is a practical problem solving in Yourself and secondly, we thus generate a terrific way to make something with the children, which encourages creativity and self-confidence of the children enormously. The fun time we spend in this way together with our children, we will always remember with pleasure.

The sewing machine as a source of success

For the huge DIY area, there are countless inspiring instructions, templates and patterns. To get quickly to convincing sense of achievement, it requires a good, robust and easy-to-use sewing machine. Although the so-called "Overlock" is becoming more popular, but a conventional sewing machine can be a better choice, especially for the beginner.

More information about both options are summarized in detail here, for example:
Tips for Sewing Machine

The overlock sewing machine has to neaten their roots in the industry because it is able to sew in a single operation and accurately cut the fabric.

This not only simplifies the work, but speeds up the entire process, especially in view of the bundle of additional professional sewing techniques that are available here. On the other hand use a serger sewing machine can not replace a normal machine.

FurtherInspiration and books on DIYand a great idea in the context of Nähspaß for childrenyou will find in our shop.

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