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Precious stones, people have fascinated from the beginning. It's not just about the beauty and intensity of the colors and their combinations, but very early, people have attributed to the precious stones and semi-precious stones special powers. Even today we speak in this context of positive vibrations or positive energies that are transmitted to people. In particular, the colorful tourmalines a revitalizing and invigorating mental effect is reputed. A special case here of black tourmaline. He is considered the cornerstone of the peace and protect us against most negative energy.

The beautiful Black with great force

Tourmalines come in very different forms and consequently also the therapeutic effects differ with these gems. The black tourmaline crystal, which is often referred to as Schörl undergoes its intense coloration of a high proportion of bivalent iron, is generally very rich in minerals and has a relatively high electrical conductivity. For this reason he is considered to be dynamic, strengthening and regenerating. He helps us with his energy, to recognize certain developments or processes and to use them in a positive way for us to be able to control our lives in the right direction. The stone carries the harmony and clarity, which affects our thinking prevail favorable.

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Its use as jewelry and healing stone and as a flatterer can look back on a long history. The dark Schörl is beautiful to look at with his sick-black, almost cultic shine. On the website You can see a few particularly beautiful tourmalines and of course purchase. Regarding the healing effects of tourmalines are circulating many traditions. Even in ancient times tourmalines were used as amulets and lucky stones. In the Middle Ages the black tourmaline was experiencing as protective and healing stone a special devotion. It was then that the black tourmaline dangers "sense" and can protect its wearer from the evil eye so.

In addition, the gemstone is praised for the wonderful ability to distribute stress and worry what this is accompanied by that he transformed distrust into confidence and boosts self-confidence. As a result, increasingly bad, harmful thoughts disappear. Through its ability to push back stress, the ailing body undergoes powerful healing impulses. Since the Schörl even fulfilled wishes and peacemaker, he is rightly regarded as a lucky stone par excellence.

A stone of peace for the contemplative time

we look at Christmas from her ever as the party of peace. But the reality has long since caught up with us all. The increasing number of military conflicts is performed with increasing hardness world and terrorist attacks unprecedented extent carry the war again and again in the middle of our cities. The more the people long for protection, security and peace, including an inner peace belongs to itself. So it is no wonder that it is assumed in the contemplative Christmas period, the black tourmaline as a stone of peace by many as particularly appropriate gift with gratitude and great joy. The black stone helps us to the proper Christmas Peace makes our worries to open our hearts to our fellow human beings, and not least for our planet.

In harmony with nature

Even and especially in our dominated by technology and IT world gems lose nothing of their eternal fascination. Our oh-so-rational world is sometimes even just to bear through us sheltered properties of timeless lucky stones that give us multiple stops. The effect of healing gemstones is caused by the fact that all living organisms, whether plants, animals or humans, are detected by an energy field, which can be very modern construed as information flow.

This information show up as vibrations that spread like waves of light to all sides, to be received in another place and at another time from other creatures. The target person they finally act on the body, the mind and the soul in a positive resonance. In this way we feel, just like our ancestors thousands of years ago, our deep connection with nature, not the least include the rocks.

Every student of geology learns in the first semester a lot about the cycle of rocks. So the gems are an important product of the holistic growth and decay, which go through the rocks at different stages of their existence under more or less high pressures and temperatures. After a long time in the Earth's deep interior the stones come back up to light to pass through the circle again, just as we humans our rebirth wait so that we hopefully not make the same mistakes in our new life as once in the past ,

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