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Think maturely if you trust yourself to endure one to two weeks long "extreme" program. If the sleep training is not applied correctly, sometimes intensified intra-family problems that can cause bad sleeping child anyway. So before you begin the method, you should ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

  • Are my child's sleep really so substantial that urgent steps should be?
  • If it is sleeping or unfavorable sleeping habits or is there a deeper cause, which is, for example, a medical nature?
  • Am I agree with my partner that we jointly withstand the expected stress?
  • Is my child more than six months old and physically and mentally healthy?
  • Can we have a current crisis situation, exclude, for example, by the death of the grandmother or an impending divorce of their parents?
  • Also helps if our child a little better but still not sleeping through the training us every night?
  • Am I willing to take me for training enough time and possibly to sacrifice a part of my annual leave for this?

If you can answer "yes" all questions clearly and with a good feeling with, then you should not hesitate. Talk to your pediatrician, talk to people who know the Ferber method and get a plan. If you have the patience to set a sleep diary to where you just enter when your child is asleep, when it wakes up, and what you do as long to calm it.

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The fact that you run the sleep diary carefully, you might notice its own "unfavorable" behaviors. So if you are already out in the planning phase, your child can believe how often that it is rewarded for his cry, you are already in applying the Ferber method.

Not infrequently the application of the training and start Needless to believe that you a beautiful fairy appeared in fact that has served you a wand at this stage.


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