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Infant are "supporting pieces", that is, they want (and need to) be worn, especially in the first months of the intense closeness to the mother or the father is particularly also given by wearing. Whether baby cloth baby sling or baby carrier bag. For many mothers, especially the practical component counts in addition to the intense physical contact. Because it's so easy: reinsetzen capes or tying, Baby and ready. Without much restriction You are still mobile and have primarily both hands free.

Benefits of wearing

  • With the baby in a sling You are much more mobile and always have both hands free.
  • A sling weighs less than a stroller, takes up less space and can be taken anywhere without difficulty, even when traveling.
  • The need of the baby for closeness and physical contact can be satisfied so easily.
  • With a sling you can both the baby on his stomach, and carry on the back.
  • Wearing in the squat-spread position (ie, the child's legs do not depend just straight down) can prevent even a hip dysplasia


  • There are some limitations in personal mobility, because stooping, bending or similar falls first heavy, but that's just a matter of practice, such as the creation of the cloth.
  • Not every baby can be worn in this way much. Partial needs to get used to the child time, partly to the uncertainty of the transferor transfers to the child or the cloth is not bound and so uncomfortable for the child.


  • Watch for a good carrying aid, which is distributed according to the weight of the child, for example.
  • The sling should not be too long, because dangling ends can become stumbling blocks.
  • Towels made from raw materials from controlled biological cultivation give you the assurance that as no pollutants or allergenic substances are contained.
  • The binding on the abdomen is particularly suitable for small children and is theoretically from day 1.
  • Binding on the back is suitable for children from birth until they are too heavy to carry. It is the more convenient carrying type, offering space to, for example, in the kitchen undisturbed to handle or work at the desk.
  • If possible, visit a so-called support price or let show you how to use the sling by experienced users and explain.


The US Consumer Product Safety warns currently for caution in dealing with baby carrier bags - or sacks. In 2009, 14 deaths have been placed in the context of such a baby carrier.

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In addition to a recommendation for the proper use, three products have been recalled due to safety concerns (eg TK Maxx baby carrier).

warns in this context before carrying devices that form a sort of loop. They are not always free of risk and can result in two ways suffocation of babies: First babies can in the first months of life due to their weak neck muscles, the position of her head do not actively monitor, which means that they can not react liberating, when the cloth itself pressed against her nose and mouth and they do not get enough air. Another risk is that infants are in the cloth in a strongly curved bent posture. If then the chin is pressed to the chest, the child gets hard to breathe and can not be felt by screaming also.

Critical comment and warning is also facing baby carriers Flip Type, tied with a holder around the shoulder of parents. The child automatically takes on an a stooped, C-shaped position. This can be dangerous, for example, for premature infants or children with a respiratory infection.

are advised to carry children always in an upright position facing the mother in a sling. The child's face should not be covered and always visible.

Ökotest has taken some time ago some baby carriers under the microscope. The results do you read here.

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