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A Guide To Tourist Attractions and History of Tajikistan for Visitors

Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia which borders Afghanistan and China to the west, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to the north, and Kazakhstan to the east. This small mixed-use nation has only about 5 million people in its entire population but is endowed with many natural beauty spots that are home to various animals and plants such as leopards, wolves, ibexes, wild horses, blue sheep, chamois etc. These places have been dubbed as Tajik Sights by foreign travelers who have come here to explore them. Tajikistan has beautiful mountain ranges and high peaks that overlook valleys and other highland areas surrounding it. The average elevation of Tajikistan is around 1,000 meters above sea level. The country gets cold in winter from December till March with temperatures dipping below freezing from time to time. However summer brings pleasant weather with warm sunny days most of the time. Below we will discuss some of the popular tourist attractions in Tajikistan that you should check out if you are planning a visit soon or even sooner once you get a chance!

Khorog Viewpoint

Located in the eastern part of Tajikistan, Khorog viewpoint is a scenic and breathtaking view that overlooks the city of Khorog and the surrounding plains. The perspective offers visitors a bird’s-eye view of the historical city with its pastel-hued houses, green fields, and snow-capped mountains. At this point, you will be able to see five mountains overlooking the city of Khorog. The most prominent one is Mount Kaka which is located on the north-eastern corner. It is a high mountain at an elevation of 4,750 meters above sea level. There are chamois living here as well as leopards and ibexes at bay. If you are lucky enough to catch sight of these animals while visiting then it would be one exciting experience for you! Khorog viewpoint has been named as one of seven world wonders by National Geographic magazine in January 2015. This is because it offers some mind boggling views from different angles of this lovely place that is not just for tourists but for people from all walks of life who come here to visit or live in Khorog every day!

National Museum of Tajikistan

The National Museum of Tajikistan is the first museum in Tajikistan that was established in 1981. It is located at the center of Dushanbe and has a unique collection representing the culture, history, art, and science of Tajikistan. The museum also includes some exhibits from ancient times with items dating back to Mesolithic and Paleolithic periods. You will find various archeological artifacts here including pottery, swords, daggers, arrows, etc. In addition to this there are collections of contemporary artworks as well as ethnographic objects representing various ethnic groups living in Tajikistan. The museum is open throughout the week from 10 am to 6 pm where you can take a self-guided tour or schedule an appointment for one of the guided tours which is offered every day at 11 am and 2 pm. Tajikistan has an intriguing history which reflects its diverse cultures and ethnicity present within its borders today. Perhaps no other country embodies this better than Tajikistan with its many historical treasures preserved in museums like the National Museum of Tajikstan. If you plan on visiting this fascinating country soon then make sure to visit this museum and learn about its rich history!

Silk Road Rally Monument

The Silk Road Rally Monument is a beautiful structure located in the center of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The monument has been constructed in order to commemorate the rally that was held during the 3rd Olympic Games, which was part of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This monument is made out of polished white marble and it is quite impressive given its simple design. The Silk Road Rally Monument stands at around 16 meters high and it has carved reliefs on it which depict different scenes from the rally. The monument weighs around 70 tons and it is surrounded by a garden that extends all around it. The rally that took place during 1936 had as many as 32 participants who came from eight European countries. They were accompanied by 2 German cars, 2 motorcycles, 1 truck, and a jeep which were used by some of them to make this journey possible across 362 days.

Grand Bazaar of Tajikistan

The Grand Bazaar of Tajikistan is the most famous trading center of the country. It was established in 1742 by Emir Rahmatkhan-han to serve as a meeting point for merchants and travelers from different regions. It is an enormous market in which one could find everything from food, clothes, spirits, silks and carpets, spices and other raw materials to jewelry, carvings and paintings. The area covers over 80 hectares or 240 acres of land making it one of the largest commercial complexes in Central Asia. Another important tourist attraction here is called Darwish Palace which is a royal palace built in 1855 by Amir Abdurrahman Khan as his summer residence. Today it serves as a museum showcasing the history of Tajikistan with many interesting items displayed inside such as artworks, furniture, costumes and other archaeological artifacts. There are many other things to see when you visit Tajikistan such as the Zogiston Citadel at Kulob National Park which is a well-preserved Islamic fortification of 13th century that used to be inhabited by fierce nomadic tribes before moving into the region for trade purposes. This fortress also served as a place where monarchs would stay during their visits to Kulob during summertime before proceeding southwards towards Bukhara. There are also many museums in Dushanbe such as the Museum of Archaeology that displays ancient finds from across the whole country dating back to prehistoric times.

Khujand Train Station

The Tajik train station is one of the most important tourist attractions in Tajikistan. It was built during the Soviet Union but has been renovated and expanded in recent years. The station has been set up with a beautiful architecture that resembles an ancient castle. This place is popular among visitors who come to visit the city of Khujand especially because it can get quite a lot of visitors on weekends and holidays when trains run on fully loaded schedules. The Khujand railway station is also a major transportation hub for tourists coming from other places in Tajikistan or Uzbekistan as well as Central Asia or Russia. You can take a train to any destination within the country and many people come here just to catch a train.

Dushanbe Ice Palace

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Tajikistan is Dushanbe Ice Palace. It is the largest indoor ice palace in Central Asia and was built by China and Tajikistan jointly with a lot of help from UNESCO. This is one place you should not miss on your trip to Tajikistan. The Ice Palace has been a popular destination since its opening in 1994. It offers visitors a chance to learn about the history of ice as well as experience something different, culturally and environmentally-speaking. The palace showcases ice sculptures that are over 25 meters high and can be seen from various parts of the venue that includes exhibitions, shops, cafes, catering services etc. You’ll also find snowman sculptures standing on their own at the entrance of this attraction. Other than these exhibits, there are several other things to see at this venue like an outdoor playground for kids, amenities such as souvenir shops, restaurants and pubs, event space etc. Another attraction worth checking out if you’re in Dushanbe is the National Museum which has some precious exhibits including ancient manuscripts written in different languages dating back to 5th century BC

Sumgayit Ski Resort

Sumgayit Ski Resort is a skiing resort located in the district of Kofarnihon. It is situated at an altitude of 3,660 meters above sea level and offers skiers and snowboarders a chance for some summer time action as well. The skiing area covers about 54 hectares and has four ski lifts and three ski runs. There are also two children’s parks to keep children entertained while the adults take on their challenging mountain climbs! You can get here by taking a bus or car from the capital city of Dushanbe to the nearby town of Kofarnihon where you will find the entrance to this amazing site.

Other Popular Sights in Tajikistan

Some of the other popular attractions in Tajikistan are the Dushanbe museum, the Dushanbe bazaar, and the Gonabad fortress. The Dushanbe Museum is one of the most important museums in Tajikistan. It was created in 1976 by Alimardan Khodjamuradov and contains items from all across different countries such as Iran, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. The permanent collection comprises over 300 precious things that date back to ancient times. The Dushanbe Bazaar is a bazaar located in central part of the city of Dushanbe which is home to more than 15 stores and nearly 100 shops that sell a wide variety of goods including clothes, jewelry, foodstuffs etc. This bazaar has been around since 1839 and is visited by locals as well as visitors from all across Tajikistan who come here to buy their favorite souvenirs or just explore! The Gonabad Fortress is a 5 star structure that was built during last century but still retains its original beauty today. During Soviet regime this place served as military barracks and now it possesses many cultural heritage sites such as mosques, churches etc. It also has a huge size courtyard that is said to be one of the largest in Central Asia with a diameter of about 600 meters! Tajikistan’s history dates back to ancient times when it came under rule by Alexander the Great who renamed it after himself


Tajikistan is an amazing place to visit. Tajikistan’s culture is rich and interesting, with a deep history. There are so many sites and things to see, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options. This guide will help you decide where to go and what to see!

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